Friday, June 20, 2014

Prepping for the move: My observations

  • Once baby items were stashed away in out-of-sight places, I forgot about them.  It shouldn't be a surprise at all when I say that I've purged baby spoons, bowls, plates, little toys, and even one bottle I found.
  • I hate to dust. And I have found a lot of it!
  • In order to keep my sanity as I'm prepping & clearing out things, I've succumbed to just letting the kids "help" so that they feel like they are apart of this moving thing AND more importantly, I can get some work done instead of just listening to constant questions and complaining.  Their "helping" role includes counting things, putting things in containers/trash, finding the missing pieces and even coloring a label identifying what's in the container.
  • When we moved up here to Alaska almost 3 years ago, I doubt I had done one tenth of the sorting, cleaning and purging I've done this time around.  But in my defense, I just had a baby when the movers arrived last time.
  • How do people stay in one house for years and years and not be forced to lay eyes on every. single. thing. they. own?  Despite this being exhausting, I wouldn't want to have a house load of piled up crap, or stuff stashed in every nuke and cranny that I don't really need.
  • Once again, packing clothes for a huge temperature swing is challenging.  Alaska (for 5 days on the Ferry) has lows in the 40s and then all the way to Las Vegas (in the 100s) and then on to Florida (hot & humid in the 90s).  Gheez.
  • I know I'm being productive each day.  All day long.  My question then is WHY aren't my lists getting shorter?  Instead, my lists get longer AND there are more of them.  Crazy town.
  • Out of complete concern for her clothes that she wasn't taking in her suitcase, our fashionista actually asked me "do the packers really know what they are doing?  Are they experienced at this sort of thing?  How exactly will they pack up my clothes?" Yes folks, I'm serious.
  • I'm hoping that unpacking our things in Florida is smooth sailing with the amount of work we have done on the front end.
  • I can't even imagine doing all this prepping if I was still working.  Holy Gheez.

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