Thursday, June 12, 2014

Seven years ago

Seven years ago today, I was 41.5 weeks pregnant.  I was large, uncomfortable, and swollen. I was ready to be a mom for the first time.
Seven years ago today, I woke in the middle of the night knowing my labor pains had begun.  I woke Brian and we walked the dogs several times around the neighborhood at 3:30 AM to help ease the pains. 

Seven years ago today, we did the 40-minute drive to the hospital only to be told that I needed to dilate a lot more before baby would be ready to arrive.
Seven years ago today, I labored all day at home, hardly slept, and ate very little.  By evening, we headed back to the hospital - starving and still pregnant - to finally welcome our baby boy.
Seven years ago today, after 32+ hours of labor  & pushing hard for 3 hours, my doctor finally threw up her hands in dismay because my first little bundle of joy wasn't even budging.
Seven years ago today, I had no idea that my completely normal, healthy pregnancy would end with a C-section to bring our baby boy into this world.
Seven years ago an amazing little boy was about to be born.

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