Friday, June 27, 2014

The moving inquiries

The kids' questions have been going on for months.
This week, however, it has been nonstop.
Their curiosity, concern, and inquiries have been all over the map, but there is no denying that I have answered. ONE. MILLION. QUESTIONS. this week about the packers & the moving truck.
Here is a taste of what has been thrown my way:
  • How many boxes will they end up packing with our stuff?
  • Why do they use so much tape?
  • How many different sizes of boxes are there?
  • Why aren't they packing up the oven & bathtub?
  • Which box has my red Matchbox speed racer car with blue & black racing stripes?
  • Are they going to pack all of my Barbies in the same box - they might get lonely if they aren't all together?
  • Are these guys experts? 
  • Do they really know what they're doing?
  • Can I help the packers pack?
  • Will they promise to bring all of my toys to Florida?
  • Are they gonna drive the truck all the way themselves?
  • Will the moving truck beat us down to Florida?
  • Are they gonna stop at Disneyland also?
  • Do you think we have too much stuff?
  • How did we get all this junk?
  • How come I'm only allowed to bring one suitcase?
And might I add too that may of these questions have been asked multiple times...and answered by me multiple times.  At this point, I'm so done with prepping & packing.  The packers are done.  The truck is gone. The house is now empty. 
Thank the Lord.
One more thing that is checked off the list.
The next question from them will be "are we there yet?"

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