Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Night Leftovers (put the lid down edition)

  • We are at 15 hours of daylight people.  Isn't that crazy?  We are moving into our 3rd summer here and it is still amazing how early the sun comes up and how late it stays up.
  • Marilyn says something every day that makes me giggle, but when she shows her appreciation & says "Whank You" it just cracks me up.
  • We've hit a new problem in our house and I'm already fed-up with it - Thomas leaving the toilet seat up.  I'm sure I don't need to explain this issue, especially given the fact that in our house girls outnumber the boys.  I sound like a broken record when I tell him to PUT THE SEAT DOWN!
  • With a certain little girl's approaching 3rd birthday, I need to lay the ground work for "Operation NUK Fairy" very soon.
  • For whatever reason, my kids love to watch Peppa Pig on NickJr.  It's a show with a British family of pigs who have daily adventures together.  Is it odd that for the last month or so, Marilyn now refers to me as "Mummie" or "Mama" and Brian as "Daudie" or "Dada"?
  • We met with Abby's school team yesterday for a final IEP eligibility review for speech services.  More to come on that. 
  • I think this is our first year up here in Alaska where we will be able to have the Easter Egg Hunt outside, instead of inside.  Much of the snow has melted and our yard is almost 100% grass.  Let the fun commence on Sunday!  Happy Easter!

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