Friday, April 4, 2014

Growing as a player

This was by far a turning point season for Thomas as a soccer player.
Leading up to this point, he was all defensive minded, lacked the confidence to be aggressive & offensive, and rarely took a shot on goal.
 During this indoor soccer season, Thomas most certainly has grown as a player.
He continues to excel at "reading" the field and knowing where to be based on where the ball is.  His field positioning really is something that blows my mind.  He is also a great defender.
But just as impressive, he has the sharpened his strike (and power)on the ball (he is most certainly a lefty) and the angles that he puts it at for his teammates... or even in the back of the net!

And although they aren't in uniforms like their brother, they are still part of the game.
Here are the cutest part of Thomas' fan base... his sisters.


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