Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The unknowns

It is no secret that I'm a planner & an organizer. I appreciate & thrive on order and control in my life.  I like to be in the "know" with things that pertain to my family's life.  Lately however, I feel like I'm swimming in a sea of unknowns.

I don't exactly know what to expect after Brian retires from the Air Force.  Daily life without a uniform, medical coverage for retirees, retirement pay as opposed to full pay...It just seems so foreign right now.  Unknown to be exact.  I realize that we have several different plans in place, but what is actually going to happen is still unknown.

I don't exactly know where I'm going to work next school year.  Although I indeed have several "pokers in the fire" and I know that I am wanted and that there will be positions open, it is still unsettling to know that I have essentially turned in my resignation already with nothing else lined up.  This unknown is hard to sit with.

I don't exactly know where the kids will go to school next year or who will care for them in our absence.  I do realize though, once we arrive in Florida, have a few meetings to determine which school fits best for our family & our needs, the decision will be made.  But right now, the unknown is hard to plan around.

I don't exactly know what Brian will be doing as a retiree.  Just like me, he has many pokers in the fire with many opportunities presenting themselves almost daily.  Unlike me, he is far more patient, fluid, relaxed & easy going about the unknowns at this point.  Depending on the job positions offered to him, it will drastically & ultimately change what our daily routine looks like.  Again, the unknown is driving me crazy.

I do realize that I need to be patient.  I know that time is still on our side.  I'm just having a crazy week and would so appreciate to know the unknowns and put more of our plan into place.

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