Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What we know & what we don't know

Arguably one of the most challenging & stressful things to do, even for a military family who has done it over, and over, and over again, is to pack up every last one of your belongings into cardboard boxes and then to move.  As an Air Force wife of 10 years, I'm getting ready for my 4th and final PCS (Permanent Change of Station, for those who don't speak military).  This doesn't count the 6 moves I did as an Air Force brat.  Although I'm accustomed to moving, it is still hard.  But I wouldn't trade all the adventures the Air Force has sent us on; not at all.  With that said, we call Florida "home" and home is where we are finally headed for good.

At this moment, we are less than 90 days left in Alaska (89 days to be exact).  As anyone can imagine, there are more than a 1/2 gazillion things to do & plan & figure out for our family when preparing to retire from the military after a 23-year career; taking advantage of professional opportunities for my own career; moving clear across the continent...with 3 young children.  No big deal, right?  "Ha" said this crazy lady. 

Many of these gazillion things have already been decided; but so many more things have not.  Here's what we know & what we don't know as of yet:

Planned & Confirmed -
Last day of work for each of us
Pack out dates
TLF dates (Temporary Lodging Facility, again, for those who don't speak military)
Departure date from Alaska
Which vehicle we will be driving & which one we will be shipping
Travel route from Alaska to Florida
Stopping points along the way where we will get to visit with family & friends
Disney Land adventure is a half way stop for us
Arrival date to Florida
Where we will be living (for at least the 1st year)
Date of Brian's official USAF retirement ceremony

Still in the works (and although the list is short, these are pretty big ones) -
Where will I work?
Where will the kids go to school (this is not as set in stone as we had originally thought)?
If Brian will be a full time student or work as a civilian?
Whether we will need Childcare/before & after school care for the kids?

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