Saturday, April 5, 2014

Can we pledge?

Dinnertime conversation:

(We are about to say our normal blessing/prayer)

Thomas: Mom, do you think we can change things up a little tonight and say a different blessing?
Me: Well, sure... what did you have in mind?
Thomas: I was thinking maybe we could say the Pledge of Allegiance - do you know how that goes?
Me: The Pledge, huh?
Thomas: Don't you know the Pledge of Allegiance, Mom?
Me: Of course I do.  I say it every morning at school when I'm facing the American flag.
Thomas: Me too!
Me: I just think that when we say a blessing, we should be thankful for the food and everything good in our life.  I don't think the Pledge of Allegiance does that.  What do you think?
Thomas: Yeah, maybe.
Me: Besides we don't have a flag up here in our dining room.  Why don't we go outside and say the Pledge facing our flag after dinner - would that work for ya?
Thomas: Sure deal, Mom.

I love that he was thinking outside the box.

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