Saturday, August 31, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (the Saturday edition)

Happy Long, Labor Day Weekend!
  • It doesn't appear that we will be doing much BBQing (or camping) this weekend - too much rain.  Good news though is we always find something to get into and have fun.
  • Abby & Daddy spent the morning together on a date.  The mission was for Abby to go crazy in Toys-R-Us with her birthday money & gift cards and not have her brother & sister getting in her way.  With a full bag of toys & an empty McDonald's cup from their lunch in her hands, I'd say she had a great time!
  • This summer soccer season has been a wash.  We have been rained out so much that I'm not even sure we have played 1/2 our soccer games.  Add in the poor coaching and I would say it has been a waste.
  • Rumor has it that the first sign of "Termination Dust" has been spotted on the mountains near by.  What does that really mean?  Winter is not too far away.  Damn.
  • We have less than 10 months to go living up here in Alaska.  More to come on that soon!
Sorry so short - my brain is racing, yet nothing is coming to mind.  Enjoy your holiday weekend & don't forget to kiss and hug your loved ones a 1000 times over.

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