Sunday, June 2, 2013

Racin' Superstar Party - Celebrating 6

It was a great day to have a Racin' Birthday Party for a certain 6-year old!

We went with cupcakes this year for ease & convenience AND because I'm on a cupcake kick!
Because I didn't have a tower to hold all the yummies, a friends suggested that I just wrap empty boxes, stack them and create my own cupcake tower!  It turned out pretty festive, if I do say so myself!
 The Loot Bags for all of Thomas' friends who joined us to celebrate:
Color-coordinated bags, homemade stickers that matched the invitations, and inside a new Hot Wheels car, matching pencil, racing tattoo & a little candy!
For our lunchtime celebration, we kept the food simple because we weren't at home.  We ordered up a sub platter, chips, juice boxes/water and homemade candy racing cars on a stick.  Yum!!!

Thomas was lovin' being the center of attention as his friends screamed sang Happy Birthday to him!
Abby and two of our dear neighbors, Liz & Sam

The party-goers & the birthday boy!

Thomas is very blessed to have such dear friends in his life up here in Alaska.  Some are "new" friends, some are "old" friends (that is completely relative when you are a military family moving around & given that we have been here less than 2 years).  Thank you to all of them for making this day extra special & celebrating with us!

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