Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (Summer Solstice 2013 edition)

  • I've finally decided to stop being in denial and finally admit publicly that I am not running the 1/2 Marathon tomorrow.  Frustrated & disappointed... all in myself.
  • It has been a ridiculous heat wave up here in Alaska this week.  We broke record highs and reached 86*F.  This might not sound all that hot to my Florida friends, but try doing that without AC and without the pools & beaches we are so used to.  Oh, don't forget that the mosquito is the state bird up here too.  Sweat and bug bites are a horrible combination.
  • Speaking of weather, Mother Nature has clearly had too many drinks.  First, she gives us a two back-to-back record breaking winters AND now, she insists on doing the same thing in the summer.  Ghheeezz!
  • Oh, did I mention Mother Nature also threw us a big-enough-to-feel, but-no-damage-caused earthquake (4.4) this week?  Yep.  She has fallen off of her rocker.
  • I'm ready for our "airport run" tonight - I'm over this not sweet, not short TDY & more than ready for my hubs to be home.
  • Over the last week, I've interviewed 5 Nanny applicants.  3 of them are good possibilities, 1 of them doesn't give me any warm fuzzies and the last one is an absolute NO!  I imagine after Brian interviews the top 3 next week, we will have it narrowed even further.
  • I just signed Thomas & Abby up for swim lessons that start next week.  They're super duper excited! The great news is the pool is heated to 92* and indoors!  The bad news is this is as close to Florida as we are going to get for awhile.
  • Today is officially the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, and for us up here in Alaska, this means getting 19 hour 22 minutes of daylight.  Unless you have lived or visited here, you have no idea what "Land of the Midnight Sun" really means.  It really never gets dark here... only dusk.  Amazing is an understatement.
  • On that same note, now we are on the down slide to winter.  We start losing daylight tomorrow. Aughh!

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