Saturday, June 29, 2013

Neighborhood Watch

Taken from our front yard looking across the street yesterday...
 Yep, we finally got some great views of the resident Mama Moose & her two little ones.  If you look close at the picture above, you will notice the Mama looks rather "skinny" AND it appears she has some pretty severe gashes & wounds.  Rumor has it from many other neighbors, she has had to fight off one of the resident black bears who thought her two babies looked like a delicious afternoon meal a few weeks back.  I'd say she is one tough Mama & I wouldn't mess with her.

A short while later, after sneaking behind the row of houses across the street, the Moose family casually emerged from the trees and wandered down to our street again.  It doesn't seem so in these pictures, but there were plenty of neighborhood kids (including 10 kids total in my yard) out playing, biking, and skateboarding.  Thankfully, most of our kids have learned to keep their distance from the Alaskan wildlife and observe from afar. 

With all the wandering around the streets & forested areas behind our houses, I think this Mama Moose & her babies give a new meaning to "neighborhood watch"... like they're keeping an eye on all of us & making sure none of us step out of line.

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