Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (Operation Potty Time edition)

TGIF Friends.
  • Happy end-of-June-its-almost-July-oh-man-the-summer-is-almost-over!
  • Although the kids still have about 2 months left of summer vacation, I start my new gig in less than 3 weeks.  Wow... so much for a long Alaskan summer, right?
  • Speaking of going back to work - the Nanny hunt is narrowed.  Hoping to have the kids meet the potential two Nanny candidates early next week.
  • We're gearing up for our first summer camping trip (July 4th weekend) and everyone in the house is ubber excited.  The funny thing is Brian & I have no idea what we're doing.  There is a tremendous learning curve going on here!
  • Starting today, Operation Potty Time begins!  Cute little girly panties - check!  Pull Ups for when we leave the house - check!  Reward cup with lollipops - check, check
  • Thomas received a late birthday present in the mail the other day (Lego Star Wars Starship) and he is consumed with building it.  Despite it being for ages 8-14, he is doing awesome with it.  Total time invested so far = 5 hours.  Total time to go = approx. 2.5 hours. 
  • Abby has this new fascination with flip-flops.  Aughhh! 
  • This has been going on for quite some time now, but I have to build in an extra 10 minutes to everything we do to accommodate Marilyn's "Let me do myself" independent stage.  Some days we get things done quickly and we are early, other days things take F.O.R.E.V.E.R and we are late.  Oh the joys of 2.
  • Today might possibly rain.  I'm actually looking forward to a cooler day with clouds.
Enjoy your weekend, peeps.

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