Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The (completed) Alaskan Bucket List

PSA: As we travel the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska on the Maritime Highway (aka: Ferry), I have much of this week's blog posts already scheduled for your reading enjoyment.

After 2 years & 11 months, here's what we have to show for our
Completed Alaska Bucket List

1. Ride in a float plane to see the beautiful scenery from above
2. Take kids to the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward
3. The Alaska Zoo here in Anchorage
4. Take the kids to The Imaginarium – Science Discovery Center in Anchorage
5. See one of many Alaskian Glaciers still in existence
6. In the summer, go to the beach…we did Homer on the Spit!
7. H2 Oasis Indoor Waterpark here in Anchorage
8. Go camping - anywhere
9. Visit the Arctic Circle
10. See some beluga whales
11. Fishing with the kids
12. Ride a ferry through the Inside Passage - on our trip home to Florida
13. Take a ride powered by sled dogs
14. Fish out on the Gulf of Alaska

15. See a bear
16. Watch northern lights dance across the sky on a clear winter night
17. Ride the Alaska Railroad...we took the Holiday Easter Train
18. Enter the Polar Bear Plunge - YES, this did happen!
19. Go to the Alaska State Fair
20. See a moose
21. Drive through the Whittier Tunnel, the longest vehicle tunnel in North America

22. Go to a hockey game
23. Go snowshoeing
24. Take the kids skiing for their first time
25. Go four-wheeling (ATV or as Thomas calls it, “ride a Scrambler)
26. Visit one of the villages in the "bush" - went to Kotzebue
27. Go on a open-horse sleigh ride
28. Visited Ketchikan - the Gateway to the Last Frontier

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Danifred said...

Seriously, this is beyond awesome. What a great experience for all of you. I hope the kids grow up to remember so much of this.