Friday, July 11, 2014

Florida or Bust: The orange plate reaction

The situation:
We are stopped somewhere along the West Coast or the Southwest. Anywhere but Alaska.
Person sees our truck. 
They take a double-take at the bright orange Alaska plates.
Here's how the 79 conversations (so far) have gone & the reaction we have gotten for traveling from Alaska to Florida:

Them: So, are you guys are all the way down from Alaska, hey?
Us: Yep.
Them: You just on vacation?
Us: Oh no, not at all.  We are moving from Alaska.
Them: Really?  Why are you moving?
Us: My husband is retiring from the Air Force & we are returning home.
Them: Wow, that is amazing.  Especially with your 3 young kids. 
Us: Yeah, they are pretty resilient & flexible.
Them: So, where are you guys moving to?
Us: Florida. 
Them: (silence. Person we are talking with looks completely shocked & dumbfounded)
Wow.  Just wow.

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