Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Florida or Bust - Visiting Friends

Not only have we been blessed to travel the country on Uncle Sam's dime while being an Air Force family, we were also offered the chance to stop in and visit with both family & friends while we traveled from Alaska to Florida this last month.
You know you have some true friends when they travel long distances just to meet up with where you happen to be staying that night or open their homes to you just to spend a few hours catching up over the years you have spent apart.
Seattle - Brian & Ike
Hunting buddies from Guam (friends since 1995)

Las Vegas - Me & Kendra (& baby Sloane)
Teachers from Choctaw (friends since 2006)
There is nothing more special than getting a chance to visit with a friend that you haven't seen in several years & you just pick up with conversation like no time had passed at all.  We purposely made a stop over in Las Vegas so I could catch up with my dear friend Kendra along with her husband Andrew & their 2 beautiful kiddos.
The big kids eating dinner

Dallas - Me & David
Friends since 6th grade (1986)
We had the great fortune and blessing to spend an evening with one of my oldest friends (we became friends in 6th grade) David & his wife Missy Leventhal in Dallas! It's been 17 years, marriages to our amazing spouses, and 9 kids later since we have seen each other. What an absolute treat and delight to meet his family, let all the kids play and just catch up together on how life has been going.
The Leventhal & Heck gang

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