Sunday, July 27, 2014


Our kids are fish.
Well, at least now they are.  A month ago I wouldn't have called them that.  By no fault of their own...they've been in Alaska for 3 years and only went swimming less than a dozen times.
However, from the moment they arrived at the first hotel pool in Seattle, their confidence, their willingness and eagerness to swim and enjoy the water has jumped tremendously.
Hotel #1 looked like this:
Abby would hardly come down the pool steps let alone try on any goggles. 
Marilyn had a death grip on my neck that caused me to nearly pass out in the water.
Thomas wouldn't let go of the wall long enough to see if he could even stand in the 3 feet section of the pool (FYI: he is 4 feet tall).
Fast forward through lots of hotels and lots of practicing over the last 3 weeks and you might not even recognize the kids.  Like I said before - they are fish!
Thomas is swimming across the length of the pool, retrieving dive sticks from the bottom of the pool and doing flips under water.
Abby has decided that she no longer wants to wear swimmies on her arms, she too loves to swim to the bottom to collect dive sticks and insists on wearing her bright pink goggles doing it.
Marilyn is like a little water dog.  She is constantly kicking and paddling all over the pool with her mouth sealed shut & cheeks puffed out so as not to drink any of the water.
The transformation the kids have made in the water is pretty unbelievable.
I'm fairly certain that they are off to a great start acclimating back to the Florida lifestyle.

And what is better than swimming at Grannie & Pop's pool all day?
Swimming with friends like Izzy (please notice the amount of teeth missing from both hers and Thomas' mouth...who knows how the two of them possibly eat any food?)

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