Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Playing hooky from school

Me that is, not Thomas.
I got to play hooky from school today for one of the best reasons - chaperoning a 1st grade fieldtrip with my favorite boy & his classmates.
Today's trip was to the Alaska Junior Theater to see the opening performance of "Little Red Riding Hood & other Fairy Tales."  No sooner did the school day start, we loaded up on a school bus and headed downtown.
Thomas & one of his buds
The boys
Once inside, we were super surprised to find that we had the same mezzanine seats that the kids & I had at the last performance we attended last season.
As we waited for the theater to fill up with 100s of other students from other schools, Thomas & his friends relaxed & talked "boy talk" which included dinosaurs, monster trucks, & racecars.
What a morning.. alone time with my one & only baby boy, Thomas!
And ya know what? 
 He still wanted to hold my hand, give me a kiss and tell me he loves me all
while his buds were nearby.
I know this won't necessarily last, so I tried to savor every last moment of it.
It was wonderful.

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