Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Prepping for Halloween

 This year, there have been lots of ideas for what everyone wanted to dress up as for Halloween.
I should also mention that everyone has changed their mind at least 5 times. 
As of today (and I'm certainly hoping we have made our final choices), we will have a Grey Power Ranger, Sophia The First, and a Rapunzel (if she decides to wear the wig of long blonde hair) or a Pink Super Girl!
We made new milk cartoon ghosts again this year...
 ... and they have taken their place in the window sills to scare our other little neighbors.
Now the wait begins - will we Trick or Treat in just cold temps or will there be snow?
And just for your evening entertainment, here is a recent dinnertime conversation:
Abby: what are you going to be for Halloween, mommy?
Thomas: you should be Frankenstein.
Me: I can't be... He's a guy.
Abby: well then daddy can be Frankenstein.
Me: what can I be for Halloween then?
Thomas: mommy, you can be Frankenstein's woman.

Gheez. Thanks Thomas...his woman?


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