Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Story of the Names

As we were sitting at the kitchen table one day recently, the conversation turned and the topic of their names was brought up:

Thomas: Mom, how did you pick my name?
Me: Daddy & I knew right away that we wanted to name you after Pop-Pop.  We even asked him if it would be alright - we wanted to make sure he didn't mind sharing the same name with you.  You know what he told us?  He said he would be honored.  So, you & Pop-Pop are both named "Thomas."
Thomas: {looking very satisfied & with a huge smile across his face}.  Oh, wow.

Thomas: {looking across the table to his sister} How did you pick Abby's name?
Me: Daddy & I both have always loved how beautiful the name "Abbigail Grace" is.  Matter of fact, before Daddy & I were even married, we talked about how we hoped one day we would have a little girl that we could give such a beautiful name to.  And then we were blessed to have you Abs.  And we named our beautiful girl, Abbigial Grace.
Abby: {looking wowed & with a huge smile across her face}  Love you, Mama.

Thomas: {with a smile, looking across to the other side of the table to his baby sister} How did you pick Marilyn's name?
Me: Daddy & I wanted an extra special name for Marilyn so we decided to combine two different names from people that we love - Grannie's name & Nana's name - and we created the name Marilyn Jane.  When you were born, we couldn't wait to give you this most special name and show you how much we loved you.
Marilyn: {looking proud & pleased & with a huge smile across her face}  Love you too, Mama.

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