Thursday, August 22, 2013

My first "real" day as an administrator

Yesterday was the first day of school...

I had the opportunity to speak with several hundred different students.

I watched dedicated & committed teachers smile because they are excited for the year.

I was asked at least 15,539 times to help a student find the location of their next classroom.

I reassured several concerned parents that we would take care of their son/daughter at school.

I spoke to a student who told me everything there is to know about music, chords, and orchestra.

I witnessed the 4 secretaries at SHS work in unison while literally "running" the school.

I was reaffirmed that learning the names of as many students as possible is absolutely crucial.  It's all about "connections" and "building relationships" with our students.

I got to eat cold leftover pork chops and a peach for lunch at 9:35am.

I think I helped to solve more problems than I created.

I witnessed shared leadership by several staff members which is totally awesome!

I tried to create an environment where students feel safe, comfortable and welcome.

I realized that being an administrator is truly an awesome job...

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