Thursday, August 29, 2013


Marilyn Jane. 
Little MJ.
On one hand, she is as sweet as Southern Tea.  Her hugs are deep & snuggly.  Her laugh, her giggle & her gap-toothed smile are infectious.
However, she is also one attitudey little girl.
At least 1/2 of everything she does is with a big, bad attitude.  That also means there is an argument about all those things plus more.
Let's review:
  • what she wants to wear, and not wear.
  • which cup she wants her morning hot chocolate in, and which one she does not want.
  • when and what she thinks she wants to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • if she wants to sit at the kitchen table and eat, or not.
  • whether she wants to help clean up toys, or not.
  • whether she wants to put her seatbelt on in the car, or not.
  • how and when she wants to share her stuff with others, or not.
You get the idea, right?  Folks, we are seriously dealing with the "Attitudey-Twos".
And we aren't even close to being done.  I'm thinking the pain has just begun.

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