Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Office Space

Last weekend, Brian and the kids joined me at school so that we could start the decoration process of my new office.  Just as plain beige walls in a classroom are awful, so are plain beige walls in an office.  Especially walls that are in desperate need of a new paint job.
Without hesitation, my handyman hubby got down to business with his tools and started to personalize my office space to fit my personality.

 The girls stayed busy talking to one another... and calling the other classrooms.

My favorite part
Thomas & Abby didn't even budge from this space for the first 20 minutes - thank goodness for a basket full of Lego's.
Perfect place for coloring.

Although my work order for some fresh colorful paint probably won't happen any time soon (non-emergencies can often take several weeks, or even a few months), and I'm awaiting some customized motivational wall quotes for two of my walls, I think my office space is starting to take shape thanks to my handy hubby.
I can't wait for the teachers to arrive this week and the students to start school next week!

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