Friday, August 2, 2013

Alaskan Fishing - Seward

 After being in Alaska for close to two years, Brian and I finally had a chance to do some offshore fishing by ourselves.  Last Saturday afternoon, with the kids enjoying time with Hannah (our babysitter, but soon-to-be-Nanny), we headed south to Seward.  Seward, located on the Kenai Peninsula approximately 2.5 hours from Anchorage, is a relatively small fishing town situated on Resurrection Bay which thrives on the fishing & tourist industries.
Driving south along the Turnagain Arm.
It is by far one of the most beautiful drives in Alaska.

Once we arrived in town, we quickly checked into our hotel (Harborview Inn) downtown and then headed down to the Harbor & to enjoy some dinner.
We stopped by the Just-In-Time to say hi to the boat captain, Bo.  Last summer, Brian, a few friends and my brother-in-law Ashley enjoyed a day of fishing on the boat with Bo - so Brian knew we were in for an awesome day tomorrow.
The rest of the evening was spent sipping some brews...
... being introduced to the owner's of the Otter House B&B (who just happen to be good friends with our good friends who live in TN - Jess & Willis Shivers).  Let me tell you one thing for certain... the next time we are visiting Seward, we will definitely be their guests & enjoy the large, private hot tub that is just outside one of the guest rooms.
The next morning came early (5am). 
This did not intimidate us although it did cause me to pause for a moment. 
It is the reality of our area up here in Alaska.
Morning harbor view 

 Leaving Seward behind for the day

 Once we left Seward Harbor and sped southward through Resurrection Bay, we turned our aim eastward toward Montague Island which is one of the most abundant fishing grounds in the northern part of the Gulf of Alaska.

I'm proud to say that, as the only woman on the boat, I caught the first fish of the day (large Ling Cod) as well as the last fish of the day (a Rock Fish similar to this one).  And even better than that, Brian & I together caught about 3/4 of the day's catch.
When a few of the other folks on the boat caught a few of these small little fish, Brian decided to take one and hook it up as bait.  Guess what he caught?

This big guy!
A 50-lb Ling Cod!
The 2 hour boat ride back to Seward was fairly quick for the napping fisherman.
Fishing is such hard work.

The fruits of our labor back at the dock.
Catch of the Day!
Ling Cod, Halibut, Silver Salmon and Rockfish

Captain Bo.
Been working on the docks, cleaning boats since he was 12.
Been a deckhand on fishing boats since he was 14.
Been a boat captain on the Just-In-Time since he was 18.
Awesome, awesome guy.

As Bo was finishing filleting the catch of the day, I headed back to the truck to get things ready for the road trip back home to Anchorage. 
As I was walking down the dock, I heard behind me, "Hey Ms. Heck!"
When I turned around, there in front of me was one of my former Choctaw students, David V.
I couldn't believe it. 
One more way this is such a small world.
I had an opportunity to catch up with him & his family and also wish him luck as he heads to college this fall.  What an awesome surprise!
We also got to lay eyes on this catch from another boat.
Along the way home...

 What a fantastic getaway!
Short, quick, fun and now our freezer is stocked with some of Alaska's most abundant and famous fish!

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