Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (words are hard edition)

I'm more than exhausted.  Words are hard to come by this week.  Please accept these random thoughts as my FNLs...
  • Marilyn is potty trained.  Period.  Victory! 
  • On that same note, she is still wearing a night time diaper but she often times wakes up dry.
  • My feet hurt from wearing heels everyday.
  • Because of above mentioned work related condition, I think it's only right that I get a pedicure.
  • If only I had time for a pedicure.
  • Speaking of lack of time, the other day I realized at 4:02 in the afternoon that I had not eaten one. single. thing. all. day. long.  How's that for busy... and poor planning on my half?
  • Today is the last day the kids are in daycare & the summer youth program here on base.  Amen & thank you.
  • I only say that because this just has not been an ideal child care situation for our family.
  • I adore Hannah, our new Nanny.
  • Here's a short description of all day, evening meeting at a different school, admin duty at football game.  I'm pretty sure I will collapse into bed tonight.
  • My AK school suffered a student tragedy this week.  Coincidentally, my FL school also suffered a student tragedy this week.  Two communities grieving the loss of someone they loved.
  • Teachers came back today - a small part of me missed setting up my classroom...
  • ... And my Choctaw crew!

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