Friday, March 7, 2014

My right-hand lady

There is absolutely no way that all of this could get done each week without the help
of my right-hand lady, Hannah.

Our family is so blessed to have someone who not only takes care of our children each day while Brian & I are at work, but who cares for them with all of her heart & soul.
 Never would I have imagined how much love is between the kids & her. 
It really is tremendous... and heartwarming.
 When you completely trust a person to care for the most important & precious things in your life, you know you must have someone awfully special in your family's life. 
Hannah is patient & kind, creative & energetic.  She knows how to handle the chaos, take advantage of the quiet & cuddling moments, squash the tantrums, and redirect the arguments.
 Happy Birthday, Hannah!
We love you.

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