Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Biting us in the butt

Let me start with saying that Marilyn has always been a rock star sleeper.  Period.  We are blessed and I totally know it.  OK, enough said.

For many months now, Marilyn has slept in first, her own toddler bed and now, her own "big girl" twin size bed.  For all of these months, we have encouraged her to not just call for us when she wakes up, but instead, get out of bed & come out of her room on her own each morning or afternoon (after naptime).  Ya know... like a big girl. 

For all of these months, she has continued to call out for us each morning & after nap time. And although I love to hear her sweet voice call out our names, I want her comfortable getting up from bed & out of her room when she needs to go potty as she feels the urge.  We have been working on Marilyn staying dry at night for a while now, and this is important for her to get over this final potty training hurdle.

Guess what?

Last weekend, after she woke up from nap time.  She quietly opened her bedroom door, slipped out from her room and sweetly said hello to me as I was working in the kitchen.  I praised her for having a great nap AND coming out of her room after she woke up.  I was hopeful that we had turned the corner after she did the same thing the following day.

But guess what?

She's staying dry all night long?  Oh no, that would make too much sense & be too easy for mommy & daddy.  Instead, she thinks its a game to get out of bed several times after we tuck her in at night.  The "reasons" she has are plentiful:
  • I have to go potty... again. 
  • I have this boo-boo on my finger... again... and I need a Band-Aid on it.
  • I need another kiss and hug goodnight.
  • It's too dark in my room.
  • Can I change PJs?  These don't feel good.
  • I need another drink of water... I'm thirsty... again.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this whole "encourage her to get up herself" is now biting us in the butt.  I'm pretty sure I should have seen this coming.  I feel like I've made such a first-time mom, rookie mistake.  Fingers crossed that this too passes soon.

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