Saturday, March 8, 2014

On our plate at the moment is...

  • 3 big planned trips this year - the 1st of which is us flying home to Florida tomorrow for Spring Break.
  • Speaking of that trip, suitcases are everywhere & we are in full on pack mode.
  • Huge decisions due to Brian's Air Force retirement this summer.
  • Regardless of where our next home is, starting to operate in "move mode" already with house stuff.
  • Wondering where Abby & Thomas will go to school next year?  This, of course, depends on where the house is located.   
  • My career steps as a school administrator both here in Alaska and back home in Florida.
  • Making sure that through all the cross-continent trips and life transitions, the kids are comfortable & certain that everything is OK despite the changes and craziness that will/does go on.

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