Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Night Leftovers (the vacation is over & it's back to reality edition)

  • After another full day of traveling with 3 little people, we are back home in the frozen tundra.  It is clear to both of us that the vacation is over & it's back to reality.
  • With the first day of Spring (equinox) this week, we are finally seeing some serious daylight with more than 12 hours daily and the sunset not even happening until almost 8:30pm! 
  • While on vacation, I did not blog at all (that is obvious to the folks that read my blog on a regular basis).  I hate to admit this but it was wonderful - I just wanted to live in each precious moment with the kids, my hubs and our families. 
  • I returned back to work this week... for only one day.  Weird.  Talk about throwing your routine off.
  • I'm fairly certain that the kids have spent an excessive amount of time together - dare I say TOO much time together - because there is a ridiculous level of arguing, tattling, & whining going on as of late.  It is driving me up a freakin' wall.
  • Many decisions have been made in the last two weeks about our future steps.  Although the "unknown" about military retirement is still quite scary and has caused me to have many, many different emotions about this next step, the decisions about moving forward, where we will live, where the children will go to school, what Brian will most likely do as a "Mr" as opposed to a "MSgt" have now been made.  At this point, the only thing that really hasn't been nailed down is where my career will land me.  Many opportunities have presented themselves, but no decisions as of yet.
  • It blows my mind that it feels like sunny & 60* despite it being only 38* up here in Alaska.  Spring time up here is amazing.  Especially to see how quickly the snow melts away.
  • There are only 8.5 weeks of school left.  Holy cow!

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