Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Airplane beds?

Dinner conversation the other night...

Thomas: Mom, we are down to just a week left before we fly to Florida for Spring Break.
Abby: What time does our plan take off?
Me: The plane takes off right around bedtime.
Abby: Will we have to go to sleep on the plane?
Me: Yes, we will be flying all night long so we will need to go to sleep on the plane.
Marilyn: WHAT? (as she abruptly looked up from her bite).  We're gonna sleep on the plane? (as if that was the most absurd idea she had ever heard in her short 2.5 year life)
Me: Yep!
Marilyn: Are there airplane beds?
Me: Well, no. 
Marilyn: Well, how are we gonna go to sleep on the plane if there are no beds?
Me: Our airplane seats do lean back just a little bit - kinda like your carseats in the car.  The pilot will turn off the lights once we are flying high up in the sky and then most people will just fall asleep sitting in their seats.
Marilyn: Will you?
Me: Absolutely... if you will let me.
Marilyn: Will Daddy?
Me: Absolutely... if you will let him.
Marilyn: OK, I'll think about it.

Oh girl, with a red-eye flight from Alaska to Florida (one layover), you better let us sleep!

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