Wednesday, January 29, 2014

X-ray & Surgery Talk

Never did I see this conversation coming... at least not at age 6.

Thomas told me tonight that he would really like to get an x-ray done, preferable of his arm or foot.
I asked why and logically he shared how "cool" and interesting it would be to see inside his body.{I'm thinking at this point that they must have discussed something in Health or Science class that prompted this topic}.

As he was getting his PJs on, the topic of x-rays came up again and he asked me if I have ever had one taken.  I told him that I had indeed had many x-rays taken over my years - foot bones, chest & lungs, and even had fancy pictures taken of my knees and my brain.
Boy did this discussion turn a different direction after I offered up that last detail... the one about my brain.

T: "Mom, why on earth would the doctors need to take pictures or x-rays of your brain?"

What followed was a series of Q&As for about 20 minutes as we just sat alone in the bedroom.  He asked questions that were thoughtful and critical.  He wanted to grasp details as well as understand the scope of my "brain" problem and what the doctors did to fix it inside my head.  As I tried to offer simple answers and explanations, he would chime in with more complex wordage that I hadn't used yet with him... like the term, "brain stem" and "vertebrae." What 6 year old has heard of that or for that matter, uses that term in conversation?  Crazy and strange for him to understand what I was saying.

In the end, as he gently touched his finger along the 3" scar on the base of my head where my neck meets my hairline, he asked me softly, "Mom, you don't hurt anymore, do you?  Was it scary to go through a brain surgery like you had to?"

He's intrigued.  He's curious.  He's fascinated.  He really wants to understand how the pieces of any "puzzle" work - including the human body.  Once again, Thomas is stopping me in my tracks with his thirst for knowledge and comprehension.  And in this case, his interest in x-rays & surgeries.

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