Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yes, sometimes I say these things.

I'm fairly certain that I'm not winning Mom O' the Year Award here because
sometimes I say these things...

"I don't like what we're having for dinner!"
Me: "Suck it up, buttercup!  This is what's on the dinner menu tonight."

"I'm bored!  Can I go play on my iPad again"
Me: "Nope, sorry Charlie!  You already had your time today.  Instead, go play with one of your gazillion toys you have in the playroom.  That, or I can get rid of all of them!"

"I want to go buy a new toy today at the store!"
Me: "Do I look like the ATM at the bank?  Besides, you just got a ton of new toys at Christmas.  Don't you have enough?  Wait... don't answer that."

Me: "I'm not talking to you until you are wearing underwear!"

Me: (As we are putting groceries away) "Please don't lick the frozen pea bag, or the frozen apple juice, or the milk container!"

Me: "We do NOT use the "F" word in our house... do you all hear me?"
"Well, can we say "Fart" when we are playing outside of the house, Mom? 

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