Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back Seat Drivers

For the record, I'm a good driver.
However, I've noticed recently that there are a few backseat drivers riding along with me.
One sits all the way in the back and says things like, "Mom, that car just passed us - you need to speed up!  You're going to slow!"
Another one sits right behind me and often exclaims, "Mom, why are we stopped?  Is there a stop sign or something?  Are we at a red light?  Why in the world are we slowing down?"
And if it isn't bad enough that I have a few pint-sized backseat drivers, the smallest one constantly has something to say about how fast/slow she feels like we're going, the song playing on the radio, or what a green/yellow/red light means.
Gheez!  Who in the world do they all think they are?
Just wait till they each turn 16... I'm gonna raise some hell when I'm in their car for sure.

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