Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Recent car conversation with Marilyn:

M: Mom, where are we going now?
Me: We are headed to the grocery store first.
M: Where's that?
Me: Right around the corner... we will be there in 2 minutes.
M: Where are we going after the grocery store?
Me: We have to go pick up some ice-melt.
M: Where's our house from here?
Me: Back the other direction past the playground.
M: Where's Daddy right now?
Me: He's at work (home, store, shoveling snow, etc).
M: Where's Thomas' school?
Me: About 15 minutes away, on the other side of base.
M: Well, where's your school?
Me: On the south end of town about 15 minutes away from our house.
M: Where are all the moose?
Me: I'm not sure sweetie, I don't see any right now.
M: Well, where's, um, where's, ah, where'sssssssssssssss...
Me: Marilyn, what would you like to know?
Me: Ummmm, I can't 'member.

Poor girl asked too many questions & forgot.  That, or she ran out of things to ask about.  This was just in case you forgot what it was like to chat with a 2.5 year old.  Love her to pieces.  But there are certainly days where I feel the gray hairs growing into my head.

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