Thursday, January 9, 2014

At the end of the day

At the end of the day, after bedtime books are read (and that means 3 because everyone wants a pick), teeth are brushed (and I go back & check & rebrush), lots of kisses are given & "I love yous" said, the lights are final turned off and doors closed over. 

At that moment is when the day final starts to wind down.  Sometimes it's 7:45, sometimes it closer to 8:30.  Either way, after starting my day shortly before 5am, it is finally at this point where I know it is final OK to exhale. 

Despite the fact that there are still things to get ready for the next day - prepped coffee, work clothes set out, workout stuff packed, and lunches made - I try to do all of those things quickly and quietly as I get ready to unwind & relax after another long day.

Just as most people do, my husband and I each end our day with some kind of routine that allows for reflection & relaxation.  For me though, it looks like this:
  • I like to put my feet up.  In fact, I like to lay down on the my couch where I am as horizontal as possible.
  • I prefer to spend some time not talking.  Let me clarify... I talk to teachers, staff members, students, parents and plenty of other people in my community ALL day long.  Once I say goodnight to my 3 munchkins, and spend a little time catching up with my hubby, I really do just want to have some peace & quiet.  That's my introvert side coming out.
  • I like having some quiet TV noise in the background that I can also watch if I find it interesting.  And to be really honest, hubs & I are usually watching one of our nerdy History Channel or National Geographic channel shows.
  • On most days, I like to blog.  Unfortunately, there are a few times per week where my brain just doesn't want to write or think, or because I actually have to do some work or even more because I'm not even home due to some type of Admin Duty.
  • Often times I fall asleep on the couch while curled underneath a cozy blanket near my hubby.
  • Before heading off to bed, I always peek in on my 3 sleeping beauties and give them extra kisses before heading off to my own dreamland.

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