Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (Vacation Recap by Numbers edition)

Fresh off the airplane from our much needed Gulf Coast vacation, and still a bit exhausted, here's a glimpse at the fun & oddities based on numbers:

18 - Days we spent on vacation
2 - Days that we spent traveling across North America
10 - Days in our beachfront condo
28 - Loads of laundry
273 - Times friends and family asked "how we liked Alaska"
273 - Times friends and family asked "when we were moving back to Florida"
1 - Day I went running
16 - Days I expected myself to go running
4 - Dates I went on with my hubby
64 - Average daytime temp in Florida
16 - Nights that Marilyn spent sleeping in a big girl bed (for the first time ever) without incident
1 - Fish that Brian caught while surf fishing
11 - Beautiful Florida sunsets
8,729 - Air miles traveled
3 - flights that Marilyn had to sit/squirm on my lap
3 - flights that Marilyn got a "free" seat all to herself
0 - Times that my little people asked to use the bathroom on the airplane
126 - Times that my little people asked for a snack while on the airplane
32 - hours spent waiting at airports and flying on airplanes
19 - Applications of SPF 50 I applied to little bodies and faces while in FL
1 - sunburn received... on Mommy... not kiddos
16 - Days I wore my flip-flops, not snow boots
6 - different playgrounds the kids enjoyed
7,933 - kisses the kids got from loved ones who missed them

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