Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break Part 4: More Family, More fun!

As we wind down our last few days of vacation back here in Florida, we are certainly trying to enjoy the family that surrounds us (including those loved ones who have both flown and driven down to see us).  We have certainly been blessed with open arms and relaxing times over the last 2+ weeks.
Brian and I have both had chances to visit with our former colleagues/friends/bosses (and my former students) and catch up on old times as well as map out possible future opportunities.  To say the future is bright for both of us back here is an understatement and we truly look forward to the next time we call this place "home."
Here's a glimpse into the last few days of Florida Fun...
Hot Chocolate mornings 

 Monkey'ing Around at the park with Daddy

 Stroll'in with Nana
 Nana & her 3 Alaskan munchkins
 More naps
 More beach time - this time with my sister, brother-in-law, dad & stepmom!

 Sullivan sisters + Dad
 3 generations + Aunt Jen
 Sullivan sisters, Dad, #3 and #1
 Hang'in out with Uncle Ashley!
Playing with old school toys (Mommy & Aunt Jen's Cabbage Patch Kids) in the mornings
 Old School Lego's
 Abby hasn't let this Cabbage Patch baby carrier out of her sight - I have a feeling that this is going to make the trip back to Alaska with us later this week.
 If they were a little bit older & bigger... I'm thinking this would be a GREAT climbing tree!

 I'm not sure Marilyn wanted to get down...
 Sweetness in a small package!

It's hard to forecast out when the next time we will be home - whether it will be for a vacation or because the Air Force has chosen to move us back - but what is abundantly clear to Brian and I is that it has been so wonderful to be home.  The area that we call home is as beautiful as the day we left it, our family & friends have welcomed us with open arms and our future opportunities are extremely bright for when we return. 
Until next time, Florida!

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Rianna Gacic said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Love the first picture. So adorable.