Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Break Part 1: Getting There & Settling In

Finally... Spring Break '13 has arrived and the Hecks have taken to the skies & headed to Florida!
1 red-eye flight
2 layover stops
3 time zones
Guess who's lap the not-quite-2-year-old-who-weighs-27 lbs sat on The. Entire. Flight?
Yep... you guessed it. 
This is the sweet face I got to look at as we flew across the continent
(although it was uncomfortable much of the time)!
Traveling is hard work

Snack Break

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired.
We had welcoming arms waiting for us at the airport thanks to Pop-Pop, Nana & Aunt Jen!  It felt incredible to see their smiling faces as we pulled our tired selves from the airplane. 
We settled in for the night... who are we kidding... we all collapsed over each other trying to get to our beds that evening as extreme exhaustion hit us. 
However, the next day, we were up and moving and LOV'IN the sunshine and warmer temps (although I realize "warm" is relative).
There was biking to do...
Places to cruise to...
Chalk drawings to make & race cars to crash...
and kites to fly!

After catching up on our sleep & starting to get acclimated back to FL weather and the time change, we moved ourselves over to the beach for the next 1.5 weeks to enjoy some serious vacationesque time. 

I could really get used to this whole living-on-the-beach thing.
Walking the beach on a whim, beach fishing, beautiful views... what's not to love?
I'm even digging our beach condo that we are calling home for another week:

The entire gang - out of our winter gear - and enjoying the sun & sand...
... and of course, the world's most beautiful sunsets.

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