Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The "I Forgot My Homework" letter

Do you see this sweet face & smile?
He's an angel.  He's my baby boy.
He's sweet, caring, fun and responsible.
Well, responsible most of the time.
There have been a few incidents recently where he has repetitively forgotten
to bring home his school work home.
I realize that is to be expected for a 1st grade boy. 
And to be honest with you, it isn't huge, but there has to be a lesson taken away.
So when Thomas came home again with no homework or fluency reading folder, despite the reminders from me at night and Brian in the morning, Mama meant business.
Introduce the "I forgot my Homework" Letter
Dear Miss Mahoney,
1 night and yesterday night I forgot my fluency folder for 2 nights ago and my homework,
too, in a row.
Thomas J. Heck
PS: My mom and dad reminded me two times.  I have not been able to do my homework. 
I am going to try harder tomorrow.

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