Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Say'in Goodnight

When the lights go down and the nightlight turns on,
say'in goodnight to Abby is usually an event all in its own.
Night after night, bedtime is probably one of Abby's favorite parts of the day.
She likes this opportunity to have you all to herself.
She doesn't just want an "I love you" and a kiss, she wants your undivided attention and an up close conversation.
She wants you to lay with her, look her in the eyes, and snuggle as you talk about anything and everything related to her.
She wants to touch your face, sweep your hair off to the side of your face, and tell you she loves you.
Abby is most certainly my love muffin.
It's never easy to leave her room simply because I love just laying next to her and talking.  For so many years, there was no real talking.  And now there is and I just love it.
There is no other way to describe here... pure love.

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