Friday, November 1, 2013

Last Alaskan Halloween!

Abby = Sophia the First
Thomas = Power Ranger (Gray)
Marilyn = Super Girl
In action...
No snow.
45 degrees.
Light breeze.
Light sweatshirts.
A warm Halloween holiday.
Is this any indication what our winter will be like?

 This is why we cannot have pumpkins in Alaska.
Someone in our neighborhood got a hefty fine this week for feeding this yummy snack
to a local moose.
Wonder Twin Power!
Glory and Marilyn... Best ever Super Girls.
I decided to take poll tonight as we sat around the pile(s) of candy enjoying some sugar.
Favorite all time favorite Halloween candy:
Daddy - Nerds
Mommy - Reece's Pieces
Thomas - Dots
Abby - gum
Marilyn - Halloween fruit snacks

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