Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (warm is relative edition)

  • This weekend has warmed up significantly from what we have been dealing with for the last week or so.  We are up to double digits (upper 20s) as opposed to the negative digits we have felt all week.  See... warm really is relative.
  • As we go into the weekend, I'm wondering how great it would be if this was the start of a week long Thanksgiving Break. *sigh*  Unfortunately, we have school on Monday & only get 2 days off for one of the best holidays of the year. *sigh*
  • I did something unprecedented this week.  I have created and ordered my Christmas cards as well as my 2014 Family Calendars that the kids send out as gifts to many family members.  Normally, I'm scrambling to make this happen in the finally two weeks leading up to Christmas.
  • 7 months to go until we PCS home.  On one hand it feels so close; on the other hand, time is dragging on.
  • Speaking of moving, I've already started to think about how wonderful non-military housing will be.  Don't get me wrong, we are blessed with a  large home, big yard and lots of space; but the early 1980s feel has worn on me.
  • I'm ready to decorate for Christmas already.  I have no idea why, but I'm ready for the holiday spirit.
  • Brian and I actually had an all-day date earlier this week (we played hooky from work); we enjoyed both breakfast and lunch out as well as spent the day Christmas shopping for the kids.  It was awesome, just awesome.

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