Monday, April 26, 2010

Disney on Ice

And yet another weekend where Thomas gets to see some amazing show that has characters and/or animals he loves. Last weekend was the Dinosaur Exhibit and this past weekend it was Disney on Ice in Pensacola with good friends, the Brooks Family. There is nothing more heart warming than watching your little boy (or little girl) squeel with delight & happiness & surprise as they see their favorite characters from Disney movies right in front of them! Thomas & Chris getting ready to head inside for the show... Nikki was being silly and didn't want in on the kodak moment.  Abby got to spend some alone time with Nana all afternoon.

Marsha always has the inside scoop on upcoming events and she was able to land us FRONT ROW seats to this magical event (not to sound too Disney-like, right?). Unbelievable for Thomas for sure. As you can see by the following pictures, Daddy & Thomas were sharing a yummy treat (well... yummy is a bit of a stretch) of shaved ice and flavors in a very pricey Nemo cup as they sat inches from "the Ice."

Lots & Lots of Disney characters... including the Genie from Aladdin
Probably one of the most favorite parts of the show - Nemo (or the dad Marlin) and Dorie along with the big Shark!
I leave it to Brian to tell me that the costumes were not very "G" rated... I think he is referring to the placement of the fish eyes. Gheezzz, it is a family show Brian and the only people who noticed your same observation are all the men in the audience!
The other favorite part of the show was the "Toy Story" episode of the show... can you guess who is inside the present?
Thomas was on the edge of his seat the entire 2-hour show... especially when Buzz Lightyear came out of the present and sheriff Woody skated onto the Ice. I'm sorry there are no other pictures but I ended up taking a 5-minute video clip of that segment and Thomas' reaction... if it wasn't that long I would post it but that would probably get boring! I'll spare you...

Does he like the show?
A Chinese dragon as part of the Mulan episode
Heading out... all munchkins had their respective Disney cups but Nikki and Thomas were dragging big time! So much fun in just one day!

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