Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fresh Spring Air

Sorry for the awful delay in blogging over the last week & routine is different at night now that Daddy is home and so please be patient as I have to find my "blogging groove" again. There are a ton of stories to tell and pictures to post since Daddy's homecoming last week... I promise to work on that this week. Meanwhile, this should please some of you... pictures of the kids playing outside last weekend and today in the fresh spring air. Enjoy!

Abby is on a roll... I don't mean that like the ball she is crawling after... I mean she is FAST! The girl may look like nothing, but at 8.5 months old, she is crawling everywhere, pulling herself up using anything (furniture, mommy, daddy, crib... you name it) and starting to eat a lot more table food. Oh how she is getting so big so fast!
Not a happy camper...
... who ends up having a mini-meltdown because he has realized that he has met his match with Daddy... "No nonsense, buttonpushing, instigating Daddy"

As usual, all smiles from Abbigail

Helping Abby get her walker back up on the sidewalk... what a sweetie pie!

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