Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eggs, Bunnies & Candies Galore!

It's not even Easter Sunday yet and we have been busy with festivities already. With so many Easter bunny outfits to wear, I had to start dressing Abby up on Thursday with hopes that each item would be worn once this holiday weekend. Below she is sporting her "organic bunny onesie" from Auntie Jen.

Here is a hand-me down Easter outfit from cousin Jake who wore it right around the same age (he is now 3.5 yrs old)... what a cutie! Unfortunately, all day long people who saw us asked how old my little boy was???? What the...? This is why I do not dress Abby in blue. At. All! Period.

Ready for the Easter Bunny to visit us this Sunday...
]we are decked out in bunny decorations for sure!
This morning, we headed over to Hurlburt Field (where Daddy is stationed) and enjoyed their annual Easter Egg Hunt & Festivities. Best thing was it was all FREE! It was great weather, huge turnout of families and we had a great time together! We even got a picture with the Easter Bunny. Abby has no idea who the "bunny guy" is... she looks less than thrilled to have to share the kodak moment with him.
Here is the children's park where a gazillion eggs were hidden for the Hunt. BTW, this was only for the 2 & under group; there were 3 other age groups at other locations around the park. To any little toddler/preschooler, this was pure heaven. Thomas had a great time.
Enjoying the sunshine...
Making us all laugh with her...
Thomas is waiting oh so patiently at the "start" line.... although a 2 year old can only wait so long before this happens...
... silliness & goofiness set in!
As soon as the horn was sounded, the pint size crowed took to the playground running and screaming and collecting as many eggs as they could. Thomas had his game face on for sure! Notice that he is looking at all the other kids and seeing how many they were gathering... I guess he didn't want to be outdone!
Again... sizing up his competition but also collecting as fast as he could.
Not too bad for his first competitive egg hunt. Is there an olympic sport in this field? We could have a contender...
Even Abby managed to collect herself a few.
Enjoying a hotdog lunch together
As soon as Thomas spied the bouncy dragon castle, he made it clear that was the next thing we needed to visit.
On our way out of the festival, Thomas wanted to stop and take a picture with Marty the Marlin (Hurlburt Field SVS mascot) - although Thomas insisted that he was a shark... same thing, right? :) Happy Easter everyone!

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