Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A final taste of summer swimming

We've had quite the array of summer locations this year.
It started off up in Alaska where the kids didn't know how to swim, where outdoors activities did not center around pool water, and road-tripping and using a different hotel pool every single night.
Fast forward to the end of the summer.
Thomas is a full fledged swimmer, and Abby and Marilyn are both completely comfortable in water... jumping, diving, and being under water.
We headed to Tallahassee this past weekend to visit with Aunt Jen & Uncle Ashley and this was the first place we their neighborhood pool.  Not too shabby, right? So much fun was had just watching them smile & listening to them giggle & squeal with deligt! 

 With temps now dipping into the 60s at night, we've said goodbye to the warm water and even the summer warm days.  It is official, summer is now over and autumn is upon us. This was indeed our last pool visit this summer.  Until next time...

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