Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hannah's visit

This past weekend was beyond wonderful and the reason for that is due to Hannah coming to visit us here along the Gulf Coast.  For those that know our family personally or even have been blog readers for quite some time now know who she is and how very, very special she is to our family.  Heck, she is family! For those that don't know who this beautiful person here and get the scoop on how important she has been & continues to be in our lives.
The surprise moment! 
Get the tissue box ready...

This sort of thing happened about 203 times this weekend.
They absolutely could not get enough of their Hannah time.

Friday night under the lights at Ethridge Stadium with slushies!
 And all weekend long we got to share the beach with Hannah!



 The kids have already asked a million times when Hannah will be flying back to see us.
They even suggested she come back next weekend. Ha-ha!
The funny thing is...not one of us, including her, would think twice about her doing that all the way from Alaska.
Boy we sure have missed her!

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