Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's the small details that matter

So that I don't forget some of my most favorite details of the day...
  • That morning, the kids commenting to Brian that they loved his "fancy" Air Force clothes that he had on.
  • The special star necklace/medals complete with American Flag ribbon that each of the kids wore bearing their name (thanks to Grannie).
  • Listening to the National Anthem.
  • Being able to hug and thank so many loved ones who took time out of their busy schedules to attend.
  • Hearing Marilyn tell someone that the special cake was actually Daddy's "big birthday cake but it was for his other special day, not his birthday."
  • The beautiful backdrop of flags, to include an enormous American Flag.
  • Glancing over to see the kids giving their full attention to the ceremonial speakers & their Daddy standing at attention.
  • The girls' adorable matching dresses.
  • When Thomas leaned over to ask me if I was OK & if those were my "happy" tears?
  • And then moments later realizing that Thomas was wiping away his own happy tears.
  • Hearing the most sincere, honest and heartfelt words come from Brian when he thanked the kids for being so "smart, funny & understanding" over these last 7 years and that he loved them so much.
  • Listening to Brian thank me for standing by him all of these years.

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