Friday, August 15, 2014

A Letter to Abby's soon to be kindergarten teacher

Dear Abby's soon-to-be kindergarten teacher,
We are so looking forward to meeting you today.  But before you get to know Abby, there are a few things that I need you to know about her:

This girl loves to learn.  She thrives on learning. Whether it was learning how to walk, learning gymnastics, or learning to count to 50...she is a sponge.  Please help keep that flame alive this year by challenging her, encouraging her, praising her, & guiding her.

Abby has worked extremely hard to get to where she is today.  You may not realize it when you listen to her but it wasn't very long ago that Abby had a profound speech delay.  At a very young age, she had a private speech therapist until just recently and the two of them worked so hard together to make tremendous strides.  Additionally, Abby has had the support of a special education preschool teacher for the last two years who made sure Abby was academically ready for you this year.  It wasn't all that difficult because Abby loves to learn and is extremely bright.  Again, the two of them made a great pair in working together. Today, Abby's speech is on par with every other 5 year old kiddo that is in your class. But know that she climbed a mountain to get there.

Abby is sensitive.  She is a helper and very responsible.  She loves to laugh, to dance, to sing and to just be crazy sometimes.  She is both a little sister and a big sister, so as you can imagine she feels a great responsibility to carry out both roles well.

We are so looking forward to an awesome year with you.
Abby's Mommy

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